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Formed plastic letters are a professional and economical way to put your message in public. Formed plastic letters and logos are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate. CAB, unlike oil based acrylics, is a wood and cotton based, non-fading, 100% recyclable plastic providing greater impact resistance, weatherability and more flexibility in recreating your designs with a lifetime guarantee. Call 1-800-420-0098 to for assistance, or to place your order.

Arial Bold
Barnum Classic

Bodoni Italic

Brush Script
Caslon Adbold
Caslon Adbold Round Face
Casual Italic Script
Century Schoolbook Bold Round Face
Century Bold Condensed Round Face

Clarendon Fortune Bold
ClearviewOne - Gemini 1 Light
ClearviewOne - Gemini 2 Bold
Commercial Script
Consort Condensed
Consort Round Face
Cooper Black Italic

Country Gothic
Eurostyle Bold Extended Italic

Friz Quadrata
Futura Round Face

Futura Bold
Futura Extra Bold Italic
Goudy Extra Bold
Helvetica Round Face
Helvetica Light
Helvetica Medium Italic
Helvetica Medium Italic Round Face
Helvetica Bold
Helvetica Bold Round Face
Helvetica Bold Italic
Helvetica Medium Condensed

Helvetica Bold Extended
Herman Italic
Italicized Script
Microgramma Extended
Microgramma Bold Extended
Old English
Old English Round Face
Roman Classic
Roman Neon SB
Roman Round Face
Standard Block
Standard Block Condensed
Standard Block Round Face
Stettler Round Face
Times Bold

Times Bold Round Face
Times Bold Italic
Times Bold Extended
Times New Roman
Times Roman
Univers 67

To view all typestyles in their respective designs, click here. Please note: due to heavy graphics, this page make take more than one minute to load.

Formed plastic letters come in a variety of colors and preset letter styles. Formed plastic dimensional letters can be installed in a variety of ways as well. Call now for available sizes and best prices: 1-800-420-0098.

SignsByWeb carries a full line of formed plastic letters. Call now, or request a quote to learn more about our high quality plastic dimensional letters.

Browse our sample photos to see how these formed plastic letters are used in the real world. Once you have selected formed plastic letters as the dimensional letters of choice for your sign project, view the formed plastic letter typestyle lists by clicking here. To view available colors of formed plastic letters, click here.

Request a quote for your dimensional letters now.


Call Now, Toll Free 1-800-420-0098, fax: 1-937-291-0361



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