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Indoor Use Steel Light Box Signs

In stock, formed steel, illuminated boxes. The most economical solution.
12"x36"x3" • 12"x24"x3-1/2" • 18"x24"x5" • 24"x24"x5" • 24"x36"x5" • 24"x48"x5" = in stock!
All in-stock units have a matte black, scratch resistant finish.

SLIDE-IN Steel Light Box Signs
The least expensive way to illuminate your graphics! Ideal for transparencies, duratrans, specials and more! Signs are painted black, all steel construction and UL certified. Pricing below includes light box with white diffuser plastic panel and clear plastic cover panel. Your transparency or duratrans fits between these two pieces. We can print your inserts for you. Transparency printing is $20.00 per square foot per print.

Part # Dimensions Graphic Size Lamps
I-102 12"x24"x4.5" 11.75"x23.75" 2-T-12 $ 171.50 $ 163.00 $ 156.50 $ 140.75 $ 125.25
I-152 18"x24"x5.5" 17.75"x23.75" 1-T-12 $ 192.50 $ 182.75 $ 177.00 $ 159.25 $ 141.75
I-103 12"x36"x3.5" 11.75"x35.75" 2-T-12 $ 194.00 $ 184.30 $ 178.00 $ 160.25 $ 142.50
I-202 24"x24"x5.5" 23.75"x23.75" 2-T-12 $ 205.00 $ 194.75 $ 189.00 $ 170.00 $ 151.25
I-203 24"x36"x5.5" 23.75"x35.75" 2-T-12 $ 253.00 $ 240.50 $ 234.00 $ 210.50 $ 187.20
I-204 24"x48"x5.5" 23.75"x47.75" 2-T-12 $ 296.00 $ 281.25 $ 274.75 $ 247.25 $ 219.75
I-304 36"x48"x5.5" 35.75"x47.75" 3-T-12 $ 559.00 $ 531.00 $ 516.50 $ 468.75 $ 413.25

Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping and handling additional.

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Indoor Lighted Signs from
Whatever your lighted sign needs are, we are your full service source for lighted signs of all kinds. We carry a full line of indoor lighted signs. From molded plastic, to extruded PVC, wood frame and decorative light boxes, our lighted sign product line is fantastic.

We sell indoor lighted signs around the world for retail storefronts, corporate displays, franchises and businesses of all kinds.
Please call us now for best pricing: 1-800-420-0098.

In support of our in-stock product line, we offer custom manufactured steel light boxes that satisfy many parameters:

Shapes: Circular, rectangular, square, triangular, dome top, bowed face, corner box, etc.
Colors: Powder coating process allows many variations.
Application: As a part of a display, company / product identification, P.o.p., kiosk, wall mounted, recessed, etc.
Framing: Hinged sides, hinged frame (complete), sinigle or double sided, tool free, lockable door, etc.

Call now, toll free 1 (800) 420-0098, fax: (937) 291-0361
email: | Request-A-Quote


Call Now, Toll Free 1-800-420-0098, fax: 1-937-291-0361


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